Updates: So many changes!

First of all, happy 2014! Leave it to us to wait until February to say so.

With this new year, we are hoping to create some new pathways for Arrow.  It's difficult to believe it, but it was less than a year ago, in May, that we made our very first wedding video. Our dear friends Laura and Jeremy, who had asked Nicole and I to do their photography, took a chance on us and asked us (actually, agreed to let us) do a wedding video as well.

We dove in, winging it to a large degree. It was my first time filming an event like this. It was my first time trying to manage several cameras and sound equipment all at once, with no second chances. It was my first time editing full-length videos using Final Cut Pro. It was exhilarating.

Since that wedding, through the magic of the grapevine, we were contacted to do more weddings and ended up filming 5 weddings in 2013 through word-of-mouth alone. We are ever so grateful for all of the couples who saw something in our work and chose us to capture their days. We enjoyed every minute of it.

For some time, we have realized that there is a very special and specific niche when it comes to wedding cinematography. Moving forward, we have decided that we will focus on our filmmaking and no longer do photography with Arrow. There are several reasons for this. One: there is such an incredible market of talent in the photography industry. So many creative, innovative photographers are out there and any couple, business or family is certain to be able to find one who has the style that fits their needs best. Two: by shifting our focus to videography exclusively, we will be able to spend our efforts developing our skills so that as a pair we are able to create truly amazing videos.

We are excited! We have changed our name to Arrow Films and are so excited to be moving forward with filmmaking. We've rung in the New Year with some new equipment that we're thrilled to be working with and are sure that this year will bring all kinds of new creativity and inspiration.

Lots of love!


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